Bath Stone Groin Repair and Brick Vaulting

There had been significant deterioration of the wrought iron cramps in the bath stone groins and Oculus ring. Some of the stones were severely damaged which made the whole structure unstable. A detailed method statement was developed and approved. The Groins and vaults were four storey above basement level and the floor to ceiling in the room with the Groins and vaulting was 7.5 m high. Scaffold was erected and a complex temporary support put in place.

All stones were carefully numbered and surveyed. Temporary protection was put in place and the roof of the tower was then removed to allow access to carry out the repairs. All the brick work was carefully removed and cleaned of its mortar, ready for reuse. The damaged stones were removed and replaced with new stones cut and dressed to match the existing stones. New stainless cramps were manufactured and leaded into place. The Brickwork was rebuilt and the roof reinstated.