Damp Tower Before1 Damp Tower Plaster work before Damp Tower After Repair1 Damp Towers After Repair2 Damp Towers After Repair3

Damp Towers

There have been several notable publications on the phenomenon of damp towers where either failed mortar or replacement cement mortars were re placed with lime mortars (Damp Towers Programme Transcripts) and approximately eighteen months after works are completed. Where the problems were previously identified there were significant increases in the dampness and the fabric of the building wetted quicker. The original problems that were identified worsened as a result of the repairs, this causes increased damage to the historic fabric of the buildings.

It is important at specification stage and prior to commencing works that the correct mortar specification is applied to the correct application.

Kirwan Masonry Services have carried out successful works to damp towers and several stone roofed constructed bay windows that had leaked for many years. If you have a problem with water ingress please contact us to discuss the options available.