Whitewash Lime Coating Lime Wash

Lime Washing, Slurry Coats, Sacrificial Coating & Lime Putty

Lime washing or white washing was traditionally carried out on minimum of a yearly basis, sometimes pigments or stone dust was added to tint the base with colour.  It helped to protect the underlying substrate from the elements added colour and helped to reflect light.  Lime is also a powerful antiseptic and it had the added benefit of disinfecting.  It is still used to this day in Farming for this purpose.

It is important that if you have Lime Based renders and plasters that you use a vapour permeable paint.  Lime wash, Lime/Clay/Chalk are best for this purpose. In recent years we have started using Quick Lime CaO for lime washing and have found it to be very durable and good to use. We wet slake quicklime to make our own lime putty.