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We  invested in a mortar mill for the mixing of pointing mortar where the beaten mortar from the mortar mill has superior workability and produces a very durable mortar. It is important at an early stage to identify the existing mortar and its constituents. The replacement mortar needs to match the original  mortar so that visually it looks the same in  finish to the original and works in the same way as the original material, it needs to be at least as weak as the bedding mortar and with a vapour permeability the same or greater to the original material.

Repointing is not a natural building process. The preparation of the joints, the proper filling and finishing and curing of the mortar is of critical importance and one we take very seriously. All too often there are buildings that have been repointed with lime with inadequate protection, incorrect sands and poor finishing of the joints and it scars the building. With this type of work, visually the building looks very different than it did prior to the works. It is likely that this substandard work will fail prematurely. When repointing works are completed your eye should not be drawn to the repointing works but to see the stone work

We have recently repointed  a building with  a Hot Mixed Lime CL 90 gauged with NHL 5. What was unique with this project was that  unwashed  sand from the estates own sandpit replicating as near an authentic mortar to that of the previous mortar. The workability of the hot mixed mortars was exceptional and it produced a very good mortar that was visually complementary to the oatmeal granite stone.

Sand Mastic Pointing around Windows

Burnt Sand Mastic is a very good method of sealing between window frames and Jambs. It allows for the differential movement of the different materials, it is durable and can be tinted to suit the stone type.