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Stone Carving & Dressing

Whether you want a specially commissioned piece or to match a damaged carved stone we can provide it in Granite, Marble, Limestone or Sandstone. We can provide hand dressing for replacement stones to match existing finish and detail. Where there has been damage caused due either to metal embedment’s of stone decay we can match stone carefully to the original and complete indent repairs. When the stone is fitted we dress the stone by hand to match that of the surrounding stone.

Dowelling and crack stitching with stainless steel dowels can also be used to increase the service life of a decayed stone. In some circumstances it may be necessary to completely remove a whole stone and in this case we will source a stone compatible in colour and composition to the original and finish on site to match the existing surface. With some stone types lime repairs can be a cost effective way to extend the service life of existing stone or brick. We also specialise in Indent Repairs.